VIVIAN – CONTEMPORARY ANDEAN DESIGN is a British brand created in 2010 by Bolivian born designer Vivian Hidalgo.

Based in London, Vivian Hidalgo pays homage to her Andean heritage with a range of contemporary fashion, accessories and homewear designs, simply named VIVIAN.

After gaining professional experience in Multidisciplinary Design in Barcelona, Vivian decided to move to London to further continue her education in the industry. After successfully completing her degree in Graphic design at the London College of Communication at the University of the Arts of London, Vivian then went on to work in the industry developing her technical and commercial understanding.

Upon her return from South America where she had been working as a designer, and using influences from her trips to Peru and Bolivia, Vivian began to finalise the concept of her brand. VIVIAN offers its customers exciting, stylish and high quality pieces, which seamlessly blend contemporary styling with traditional Andean woven textiles.

Owners of a VIVIAN experience luxury on a whole new level thanks to its clever design and glamorous prints, which are both fashion forward whilst still staying true to their cultural heritage.