VIVIAN has developed a visual language and texture of the Traditional Andean Woven Textiles into a Digital Pattern design.

After six months researching the visual language and cultural identity of the Traditional Andean Woven Textiles during her MA in Graphic Design, Vivian decided to create a digital pattern to be able incorporate the intricate, complex, and slow hand woven technique and combine it with digital technology.

To generate this new digital pattern it was necessary to conduct some extensive research into woven technology.

Simultaneously, she undertook visual experiments with digital graphics and patterns evaluating the results and going on to create the New Digital Andean Pattern.

The unique colour combinations, iconography, and symbolic language of the Traditional Andean Woven Textiles tells a story through generations of different cultural traits, myths, ecological environments and social conditions.

It is an Andean vision, technological and local conception of the space that determines and comes to the twentieth-first century textile aesthetics. Vivian’s designs are influenced by this cultural heritage, combined with her contemporary point of view.

Traditionally the Andean woven textiles have been made of a rough hard material to be worn in the countryside and used for several different things.

Vivian´s new method gives her designs a contemporary ‘visual language’ for surface design, starting to evolve with the creation of new products made out of luxurious materials; natural silks for fashion accesories, cotton, velvet and linen used for homewares, resulting in vibrant and elegant results.

Vivian´s collections are for the individual who both appreciates and seeks original designs that are unique in their beauty, colour palette, historical meaning and artistic value.

The designs, colours and inspiration behind Vivian’s collections are unique, achieved as the result of an original creative process created for the very first time.


VIVIAN’s mission is to share with you all the beauty and colour of the Andean Culture. VIVIAN offers products that combines both the attractive and magnificence of the Andes, with its colourful designs revealing the true identity behind the collection and its designer.

VIVIAN produces a limited amount of pieces for each season, with every product considered a piece of art. Our products represent the contemporary, multicultural fusion, mixing to perfection rural and urban, tradition and modernity.

We would like to invite you into a new world of colour, influences and unique concepts. It is the celebration of the best of the Andean culture and its best representative Bolivia with a fresh and modern twist.